Graduate Pro, not just a fresher

Up to 3-Years Industry Experience

Earn up to ₹12 Lakhs before graduation

Paid internships at top companies

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An Image that represents a code editor
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Empowering future leaders through an industry-experienced program


Paid Internship

Paid Internship Opportunity from Year 2 Onwards

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Connect with Global Tech Executives


Higher Package

Graduate with an outstanding 7-figure package

Unwavering Student Focus, Unmatched Subject Depth

Soft Skills
Tech Stack Proficiency
Building Projects
Open Source Contributions
Work Integration
Personal Growth
Career Preparation
Kalvium Advantage
In Depth focus on the CSE specialisation
Modern software dev environment
1:1 student-focused mentorship
Dynamic up-to-date curriculum
Structured Program as Part of Curriculum
Master in-demand tech stacks right from the first year
Build projects through the SDLC process (only)
At top brands from year 2 as part of the curriculum
Receive academic credits for open-source contributions
Mandatory work integration from year 2 onwards
Personalised Mentorship through daily actionable feedback
Focused on in-demand skills and practical readiness
Starts as a mid-level software pro
⚡ Most Sought After ⚡
Average Kalvian
Traditional B.Tech CSE
Diluted focus with High School Phy, Che etc.,
Regular school-like classrooms
Mass-focused generic teaching
Outdated curriculum with legacy subjects
Not part of curriculum
Optional only as electives in later semesters
Build projects haphazardly
Optional & Extra Curricular
Optional & Extra Curricular
Optional & Extra Curricular
Optional & Extra Curricular
Focused on textbooks and theory-oriented
Start as a fresher from scratch
Regular CSE Student

A Glimpse into Placements of our   Graduate   1st year Students

Kalvians’ are working at international and leading firms impacting global software sector.

Top Companies our Kalvian’s Placed

International Internships

Kalvium’s 1st Year Students Placement Report. ⚡

How to Join?
To join the Kalvium Program, clear the KQ (Kalviness Quotient) assessment, and reserve a seat at your preferred campus.
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