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KQ Challenges - The Key to Starting Your Journey With Kalvium

The KQ (Kalviness Quotient) Challenges are designed basis industry-standard testing practices. Unlike typical entrance exams, this is not a relative grading measure but an absolute measure that closely correlates with how ready you are for a career in software engineering. Students are required to complete 5 short challenges to be eligible for admission.  These challenges can be completed in multiple sittings; i.e., candidates can finish one challenge and take a break before hopping on to the next one. These 5 KQ challenges focus on evaluating a student in the following areas:

Reasoning & Decision Making
Data Interpretation & Analysis
Problem Solving
English Oral Communication

Watch these videos to gain a complete understanding of KQ Challenges

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Play Video

Frequently Asked Questions

All students who have completed 12th Standard (or Equivalent) are eligible to apply for the program. Admission to the program, however, is offered strictly on merit based on their performance in the Kalviness Quotient Challenge (KQ) entrance test.

Yes, the Kalvium program is open to anyone who has a keen interest in learning computer science and has merit in the Kalviness Quotient (KQ) entrance test.

No. All admissions to the program are merit-based only.

No. All admissions to the program are merit-based only.

The minimum age for admission is 16 years, and the maximum age is 20 years.

Diploma candidates are welcome to join the Kalvium course. However, as a work-integrated program, they have to join the course for the entire 4 years and cannot join midway from the second year.

No. Kalvium follows its entrance test known as the ‘Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Challenges’. Your JEE score does not apply to our Computer Science program.

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