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Equipped with skills required for the workplace, our students are #OpenToWork and we believe they'd make a great fit at any organisation. If you're hiring for your team, let's connect!

Students with industry skills​

Full-stack: Trained on backend, frontend, full-stack web development.
Professional: Skills taught in a professional open-office environment from Day 1.
Proof: A large open-source project on github for you to verify skills.
Productive on Day 1: Worked on project using industry-standard git-flow, and SDLC, including code-reviews and deployments.

Designed For Hiring-Managers​​

12 month, 30 hours/week internships: Plan long term, with attrition proof talent. Internship integrated into the undergraduate program.
Great RoI: Fresher level talent, at competitive stipends. Augment your teams.
No hand-holding: Independent students who know how to self-learn.
Training and performance management on us: We assure of student's performance and can take over training on popular industry skills (across 50 technologies).
Part of curriculum: No more "I have to prepare for exams" or "I have a project submission".
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Our Hiring Partners​

International Internships

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An image of a student who is thinking about the Kalvium.com
An image of a student who is thinking about the Kalvium.com