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Frequently Asked Questions


No. The Kalvium Work Integrated Computer Science Engineering is a full-time on-campus program.

The Kalvium program is offered across multiple esteemed universities across India & overseas. You can find the list on the drop-down menu on our website.

Yes! The Kalvium program offered at partner universities is UGC-approved ensuring that your degree is recognized widely.


Kalvium is the BEST computer science engineering program offered across multiple top universities across India and abroad.

Unlike traditional B.Tech programs which are theory & rote-learning heavy, Kalvium focuses on equipping students with learning, skills & experience for success in the real world. Consequently, students learn hands-on through work integration right after the 1st year through paid internships and graduate with 3 years of work experience.

Yes! The Kalvium program offered at partner universities is UGC-approved. This means your degree has the same recognition as any other UGC-approved program, ensuring your degree is recognized widely.

For state private universities and deemed universities, AICTE approval isn’t required to start new technical programs. You can check out FAQ #61 on the AICTE website for more details on the approval process.

With Kalvium’s unique work-integrated curriculum students get exposure to real-world work experience by working at top tech companies from the 2nd year and are also offered competitive stipends for the same. They can also opt for work integration through open-source software development & entrepreneurship pathways. Students are required to dedicate a defined amount of hours per week to learning and work.

Yes, All relevant higher education pathways are available to Kalvium students

Kalvium offers one-on-one personal mentorship from industry-trained mentors as part of the program. Technical Mentors impart industry technical knowledge whereas Program Mentors help students develop essential workplace soft skills

Yes, Kalvium organizes student development activities like Hackathon, High-on-Learning, Competitive programming activities, and many more as part of the program.

No, Kalvium has a “BYOD Policy” (Bring Your Own Device). While a laptop is mandatory for pursuing the program, students are free to pick a device of their choice and budget that matches the minimum requirement. Check this video for more details

Your degree is conferred by the respective partner university. 

Note: Only in the case of the Kalvium Direct campus at Coimbatore, the degree pathway is enabled by enrolling the students in the University of Mysuru Online BCA program.

Yes, Hostel accommodation and transportation are available from the university campus which is generally offered on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the availability.


All students who have completed the 12th Standard or diploma are eligible to apply for the program. Admission to the program, however, is offered strictly on merit based on their performance in the Kalviness Quotient Assessment & eligibility criteria set by the University at various locations.

Yes. You are eligible to apply for the same. Since total seats in the program are limited, even 11th-standard students can apply and secure their seats in advance. However, Final admissions are subjected to the eligibility criteria described above.

Yes, the Kalvium program is open to anyone who has a keen interest in learning computer science and has merit in the Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Assessment. The choice of university campus though would depend on university guidelines & regulations.

No. Admission to the Kalvium program relies solely on merit, based on the performance in the KQ Assessment. Your JEE score does not apply to this program.

No. All admissions to the program are strictly on merit, based on the performance in the KQ Assessment.

No. All admissions to the program are strictly on merit, based on the performance in the KQ Assessment.

For Admission your age should be between 16-20 years as of Dec 31, 2024, for A.Y. 2024-25.

Diploma candidates are welcome to join the Kalvium course. However, they have to join the course for the entire 4 years and cannot opt for lateral admissions midway through the second year

Admission Process

  1. Register for KQ Assessment: online through the official website
  2. Complete the KQ Assessment within a week
  3. Reserve Your seat & indicate campus preference.
  4. Campus Allocation, Fee Payment, and Enrollment.

No, the KQ Assessment is part of the application process. You can register directly through this website, Just click on ‘Register for KQ’.

No. One registration is sufficient for securing eligibility to all of Kalvium partner universities.

Registering for the KQ Assessment requires a payment of ₹ 999/-

Yes. Upon online registering for the KQ Assessment you will be presented with various online payment methods such as Credit/Debit Card, UPI, and Net Banking services.

No. You can apply only on the official website

No. The Registration fee is non-refundable.

Banks usually take up to 3-4 business days to credit back the money to the source account. In case of further queries, please get in touch with your respective bank or payment service provider.

KQ Challenges

Yes. Kalvium’s entrance test is known as the Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Assessment and is designed to test a student’s innate abilities and fitness for the Kalvium Program and a stellar career in software at large.

A mock challenge is available on the portal to all those who register for the KQ to help them practice and get familiar with the assessment process.

The KQ Assessment is an online test that students can attempt at their convenience. After registration, candidates roughly have 7 days to complete the assessment. Most students complete the KQ assessment in ~2 hours.

You may attempt the KQ assessment right from the comfort of your home. However, you’ll need a laptop/PC with a webcam and microphone. Please ensure that you attempt the KQ Assessment in a distraction-free environment.

No.The KQ Assessment is designed to be attempted ONLY on a PC/Laptop. We recommend using your PC/Laptop or reaching out to your nearest support.

Option 1 – Borrow an external webcam from a friend if possible.

Option 2 – Use external apps which will help you turn your mobile phone into a webcam. We recommend DroidCam.

Playstore  | Appstore

Windows Desktop Client (Download) – Once you install the required client and app, you may have to configure your browser to use your mobile phone as your camera source. For this, if you’re using Google Chrome, please head to the ‘Privacy and Security‘ section under settings.

Yes. To secure your admission to the program, taking the Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Assessment is mandatory.

On completing the test, the student will receive an email on their registered ID within 2-3 working days informing them of their Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Assessment results.

Congratulations!! Students need to follow the instructions in the email received after clearing the KQ Assessment.

Don’t worry! You can retake the KQ assessment. but you’ll need to register again for a fresh attempt.

Work Integration

Yes, Kalvium enables internships for eligible students by the end of 1st year with top Tech companies and startups across the globe.

Every eligible student can earn up to INR 12 Lakhs through stipends through the integrated work at top MNCs and tech companies that are part of this program, And get access to apply for at least six internship opportunities.

Or, they can also opt for work integration through open-source software development & entrepreneurship pathways.

Check out the placement report of our first-year students.

All eligible students go through placements at the end of 1st year. The work-integrated learning is part of the credit system of the program. Kalvium’s mentorship supports students by assisting with:

  • Interview Preparation
  • Project support
  • Profile building
  • Coding skills
  • Professional skills

The curriculum mandates an average of 48 hours of learning + work per week.

No, the Kalvium curriculum has been carefully designed with designated work hours, mentorship, and support to balance students’ academics and working hours. However, students should be prepared for an intense experience.

As part of our work-integrated programs, internships are 100% remote

No. Kalvium’s work-integrated learning program mandates specific working hours for every student. The work experience includes credits that are compulsory to the curriculum. That said, besides conventional internships, students can also choose an entrepreneurship track to build a product of their choice or contribute to FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

Contact us

For all additional queries, you can reach out to us via,

E-Mail: [email protected]

Call/WhatsApp: +91 9483 200 300

Everything you need to know about Kalvium’s advanced Computer Science Engineering program.

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